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uninterrupted season and we believe we have not done a bad job. We are a children’s theatre. The only Theatre in Spain with full dedication to child and youngsters shows.

Niños en el teatro SanpolEvery year more than 100.000 children discover the pleasure of good theatre at SANPOL. They come from Madrid, surroundings and even closer regions.

During the week they come through our “Theatre campaign for schools” together with their teachers. And every weekend or bank holiday, full families fill the seats of our Theatre with the sureness that with our plays all members of the family will enjoy, emotion or think with the same intensity.

We offer shows that include a wide variety – Spanish and foreign authors, child and youngsters tales adaptations, contemporary plays, classic theatre, dance – that are our own productions or from Spanish or foreign companies of recognised quality.

Our own permanent Company, La Bicicleta, is already synonymous of quality for fathers and teachers. It makes us feel proud and help us to be better and create better shows every time.

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